Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland Seasonal Irrigation Agreements

Nice N’ Easy Package: This package includes Conserva Irrigation coming to your property in the spring and turning on your sprinkler system (summerization), as well as blowing out your sprinkler system in the fall (winterization). The spring summerization includes turning on the water to the sprinklers, adjusting all heads as needed, testing the rain sensor, setting your timer to spring recommendations and reporting all flagged problem areas back to you, the customer. The fall winterization includes turning off your water, and blowing all of the water out of your system. $195.00

Full Season Package: This package includes everything mentioned in the Nice N’ Easy Package, plus a mid-season inspection. For this mid-season inspection, we will come out to your property in the summer to check over the entire system, cut out grass that grows over your sprinkler heads, and perform a 10-point system check. We will also adjust the timer as needed. $275.00

Conserva Value Package: This package includes everything mentioned in the Full Season Package and an additional summer visit (one early summer and one late summer). $350.00

No Worries Package: This package includes everything in the Full Season Package as well as up to 8 heads replaced, 3 valves repaired, and 3 lateral line leaks repaired. We will also give 15% off all other repairs and upgrades for the term of this contract. Customers must be pre-qualified for this package.$495.00

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