The Conserva Irrigation System Efficiency Score (SES)

What you don’t see can cost you.

Whether through inefficiencies in water usage or broken lines, what you can’t see under the soil can cost you tons of water and additional money. That’s why at Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland we offer free 12-point inspections to anyone with an irrigation system. Not only is it important to us that you don’t throw money down the drain it is vital to our Core Values that we lead the way in responsible water usage.

What does the 12-point sprinkler system evaluation include?

To keep Chicago area irrigation systems at peek efficiency, Conserva offers the 12-point System Efficiency Evaluation at no cost to you. Valued at $150, our experienced technicians will come out to your home or business and check your system from top to bottom and underground. We’ll review your site conditions, system programming, seasonal adjust, weather sensors, water lines and sprinkler heads for damages and efficiency. We’ll be looking for saturated areas that are over-watered, brown spots that could mean a damage somewhere, and areas for improvement. When we are done you will receive a report including a 12-point System Efficiency Score on a scale of 1-100, items that need repair and a flat rate quote for all items listed. Many times we can make repairs right on the spot as our trucks are stocked with the right tools and the most commonly needed Toro® parts.

Money savings

You may have noticed the prices for water on a steady rise to promote responsible water usage. To combat this you may be taking steps within your home to lower your water use. From shorter showers, turning off the faucet while brushing and using low-flow faucets, toilets and shower heads you are saving gallons of water every day. But if you have an irrigation system with a leak, broken head or in need of re-programming you are flushing those savings right out into the yard. Your irrigation system uses exponentially more water (more money) than anything inside of your home. It is vital that you take the appropriate steps to ensure you’re as efficient outside as you are in if you want to keep that water bill at a manageable level. Bonus savings: Any system that receives an SES® of 75% or higher will receive 20% off any system repairs or upgrades.

Water savings

With a sprinkler system running at peak efficiency, with no broken sprinkler heads or water line leaks you could save as much as 40% on your water usage. With the latest in technology we have better sensors, better programming and more control so that you will only use the water you need. If your system hasn’t been upgraded or inspected since the last freeze, you could be wasting as much as 20,000 gallons of water with one small undetected leak. Imagine if you have more than one leak or broken sprinkler heads? With only 3% of the Earth’s water being fresh, water conservation is important to everyone, including your wallet.

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