Conserva Irrigation and Toro®: Partners in Responsible Irrigation

You many not think of water conservation when you think of your Chicago area sprinkler system. Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland is here to change that. By partnering with Toro we offer the best in water conserving irrigation systems. With Toro and Conserva you will only use the amount of water you need and not a drop more.

Innovation Influencers

For 101 years Toro has perfected their craftsmanship. With 50 years invested in the sprinkler system industry, Toro now devotes a good portion of their time, energy and resources to develop top quality, ground-breaking water conservation equipment. Being the world leader in irrigation parts and products, Toro has an impressive line-up of innovations that have become an essential part of Conserva Irrigation systems. With the EVOLUTION® smart controllers, Precision™ Soil Sensors and hand held remotes, Toro has revolutionized the watering industry to meet today’s conservation needs. Their dedication and passion for conserving fresh water makes Toro a perfect partnership for Conserva Irrigation of West Chicagoland. The Toro line of irrigation equipment is usually only seen at the commercial level and is generally unavailable to homeowners. Working with Conserva for your irrigation system installation and maintenance means you get the best Toro parts and products each and every time. Toro is the only brand we use and the only brand you will ever need.

Leaders in Passion

With smart technology from Toro running an efficient sprinkler system is easier than ever. The EVOLUTION controller uses wireless technology to pull over 40 years of water data for your specific yard into the programming equation with just the touch of a button. With so much scientific data at our finger tips we can create the most ideal watering prescription for your specific landscape. With an easy to use program interface, if you can use a smart phone, you can use the EVOLUTION smart controller – say good bye to the confusing dial. You can even name your zones in phrases that make sense too. Adios “zone 4” and hello “hydrangea and peonies by side door”.

Being a leader in water conservation means we don’t stop at the most innovative efficient Toro parts and sharing advice about how to efficiently irrigate your lawn and garden. Here at Conserva of West Chicagoland we reward customers who value water conservation with a 20% discount on repairs or upgrades to anyone who receives a 75% or higher System Efficiency Score (SES). And if you purchase a seasonal maintenance package to keep your system running efficiently for the long haul, we’ll give you 10% off any repair costs.

Conserva & Toro for efficiency and repairs

A leaky water line or a damaged sprinkler head can cost you a fortune in wasted money in your utility bill each month while adding up to thousands of gallons of squandered water. Conserva and Toro are working together to be your trusted partner in efficient sprinkler care. Keeping you irrigation system working at its peak efficiency is important for your landscape’s overall health as well as the health of your wallet. Conserva and Toro work together with cutting-edge technology and service to keep your yard green, your wallet green and your planet green.

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